Monday, January 18, 2010

go hang a salami, i'm a lasagna hog

a palindrome is something that is the same backwards as it is forwards. this can be a number, a sound, a gene sequence, a word, or (as in the title) a phrase.
the word "palindrome" has greek roots, but the greeks themselves called this kind of word or phrase a "crab," referring to the way crabs walk.

without further ado lets get some examples of palindromic words:
  • racecar
  • kayak
  • level
and the much more impressive palindromic phrases:
  • was it a rat i saw?
  • ed is on no side
  • sit on a potato pan, otis
  • more
and some famous palindromes:
 similar to a palindrome is a sequence called a semordnilap, which is itself "palindromes" spelled backwards. this gives a hint as to what a semordnilap is: a word/phrase/sequence that has meaning when presented backwards, though a differet meaning then when presented forwards. I have actually featured one of these on this blog once already without realizing it: "desserts" spelled backwards is "stressed."

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