Thursday, August 06, 2009


this is the innaugural post of linguisteresis, a blog about interesting observations of the english language.

I wanted to create this blog because i often come across weird word rules, common mistakes people make, and interesting etymologies and since this is not my area of expertise i need a new outlet for them. i have bad luck keeping up with blogs but since ideas are always coming to me i think this one will stick.

I will also be reiterating some previous posts from other blogs i have written if they are applicable. Enjoy!


  1. you should let me be an author here too. this blog will get a huge following if you post regularly. so many people love this kind of stuff. i mean come on, look at how many of the 22 words posts are about language.

  2. i have 16 posts already prepared and waiting ;-) but i want to space them out in case i have a dry spell.

    how do i allow guest writers?