Thursday, August 20, 2009

qualtification of detection

i play pretty fast and loose using these interchangeably and synonymously with perceivable, noticeable, etc, but apparently they are all distinct adjectives for qualtification of things we can detect, feel, or measure:
  • appreciable - highly noticeable or definitely measurable (from latin "appretiare" meaning "to appraise")
  • perceptible - can be discerned to a minimal extent (e.g. "barely" or "scarely")
  • palpable - quite noticeable via the senses despite lacking physical substance ("a palpable chill in the air")
  • tangible - capable of being handled or grasped, either physically or mentally


  1. speaking of fast and loose, way to not capitalize anything except for emphasis. now the task is to remember these differences.