Thursday, October 15, 2009

speaking of segues...

there are certain words that you know how to use in conversation, and other words you can spell, but sometimes you cannot make the connection that a word you say and a word you can spell are actually the same word.

personal example: for the longest time i pronounced epitome like ep-i-TOME (tome being one syllable, like the story) even though i knew of the existence of "e-pit-uh-mee." i knew independently what each meant but it still took awhile to realize the word i was spelling correctly and the word i was pronouncing correctly were the same word.

such is the case for segue. segue is synonymous with "a smooth transition of topics" or "switching gears." it is pronounced like segway and commonly misspelled like segway (enough so that the wikipedia article for segway has a clarification note at the top leading to the page for segue)

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