Thursday, November 26, 2009


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gerund - a noun created by adding 'ing' to the end of a verb (e.g. "i like reading")
to verb - to use a noun as a verb that means to utilize that noun (e.g. "use google to google the directions")

the gerund form is identical to that of the present participle

"to gerund" is a verbed version of gerund, meaning to "create a gerund" while a "verbing" can, itself,  be considered a gerund. the comic above combines these by first verbing gerund and then gerunding the verbed gerund into gerunding (there will be a quiz later)


  1. I didn't get this at first. Now that I do, I realize how completely wonderful it is.

  2. ya it took me forever to check and double check what i was writing in the last sentence.