Monday, November 16, 2009

i use 'alright' alot...

my sister solicited a post about "alright" vs. "all right." this seemed a similar issue to "alot" vs "a lot," and i knew already that "alot" was not a word. the bottom line is that "alright" is technically not a word either, but people generally use "alright" and "alot" enough that they are perfectly acceptable in casual conversation (many popular song titles feature the word "alright"), though it would be best to avoid them in anything formal.

an article by grammar girl expands this concept to cover "altogether" and "already":
  • all together - collectively
  • altogether - entirely
  • all ready - prepared
  • already - previously
  • a lot = alot - a copious amount. "alot" is also nonstandard, but i am trying to use less of both because separating the words causes me to think about what i am saying, and when i say "i have a lot of respect for..." i cant help but think of a parking lot full of respect. it is like using the word "tons."

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